Credit Expansion

Imagine Expanding Credit Approvals Without Additional Risk

The mortgage industry has always known that there were good loans to be made in the stack of turndowns. Now, AiCurio can identify which of the turndowns will perform as good as the approvals. AiCurio analyzes each application and predicts with 98% accuracy how the loan will perform years into the future. Using AiCurio analytics, a Second Look program can review each declined loan and determine how it will perform. This expansion of the credit box can deliver an increase in loan volume without additional marketing expense.

Achieves Fair Housing Goals without Increased Risk

  • Can provide conforming rates for loans that would ordinarily be seen as non-conforming applicants without increased risk. This creates affordable loans for borrowers that would historically be seen as higher risk

  • Does not use any data that would identify or create bias on the basis of race, age, gender or geographic location

  •  Provides lenders with increased loan volume without increased underwriting risk