AiCurio is an AI-powered machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural network that is comprised of 3 hidden layers with 65 nodes per layer. The benefits to the various users or our Model are numerous with our 300+ measures of risk, profitability, and cash flows. Where accurate information about the future performance and cash flow of mortgages is of value, AiCurio can improve performance.


Mortgage asset Investors benefit financially by having reliable and actionable information. Buyers, sellers, holders, and securitizers that use AiCurio enjoy a significant competitive advantage by knowing with 97.25% accuracy how loans will perform. Knowing the real NPV of all cashflows when trading provides a level of precision and accuracy not available using traditional Excel-based analytics.


Mortgage services and owners of MSR’s can improve cash flow and portfolio performance by using AiCurio’s prescriptive servicing recommendations. AiCurio simulates and predicts future loan performance using hundreds of servicing actions to identify the loan specific servicing action that will provide the highest and best financial outcome. Delinquencies, foreclosures, recidivism, and high-cost servicing activities are reduced because of superior intelligence generated by AiCurio.


Originators can evaluate likely future outcomes and better determine optimal holding time before sales and securitization options. AiCurio can identify loans with high prepayment risk and customize refinance opportunity pools and providing a source of low-cost originations.

Regulators and Auditors

Those responsible for financial analysis of whole loan portfolios can more accurately analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and future performance of loan assets. This knowledge provides measurable value to calculate risk and minimize loss exposure.