Ai-Powered Mortage Loan & Portfolio Analytics

AiCurio is powered by a deep learning, artificial neural model that predicts — with 97.25 % accuracy — actual cash flows, defaults, and prepayments. AiCurio delivers actionable intelligence and insights on loan decisioning opportunities and remedies.

Nowhere is the axiom “knowledge is power” truer than in the mortgage business. AiCurio can predict the probability of future events more accurately than any mortgage analytics system available in the market today. Our Artificial Neural Net Model was built and trained from 135 Million mortgage loans, comprised of 8 billion monthly payment records over the past 24 years. The net result of this unique tool is that AiCurio provides actionable insights that measure risks, profitability forecast prepayment for the life of the loan with 97% accuracy at the loan level, not at the cohort or portfolio level.  This fact alone increases our prediction accuracies by 30-40% at the loan level over our competitors.  Whole Loan Owners, MSR Asset Owners and Investors can know future cash flows and maximize yields and NPVs buying and selling loans and pools. Refi and retention risk is solved by identifying in rank order which loans are most likely to prepay yielding a 15-25% increase in portfolio retention.  Servicers can make the best choices in servicing actions to minimize cost and maximize recovery as well as optimizing collection strategies as well as loan mod loss mitigation recommendations that will increase yields up to 35%, again at the loan level.  AiCurio Knows.

Why Choose AiCurio?


97.25% accuracy rate on prepayments, defaults and cash flows for the life of the loan


Immediate indicative pricing as well as a clear picture of long term loan performance going out 8 years


Unparalleled quantities of data: loan records, payment records, and other quantitative, verifiable data influencing mortgage businesses


Uses predictive analytics to generate actionable intelligence and prescriptive loan opportunities or remedies

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