PR Newswire – Consolidated Analytics Launches loanDNA, Powered by Mortgage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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loanDNA Provides Critical Intelligence for Servicers and Investors to Optimize Decision Making

ANAHEIM, Calif., April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Consolidated Analytics, Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end mortgage solutions, today announced the launch of loanDNA. Powered by mortgage artificial intelligence (AI), loanDNA enables efficient and highly accurate cash flow projections for individual and bulk mortgage assets which will improve due diligence and servicing workflow strategy and enhance transaction pricing decisions.

loanDNA’s base-AI engine, AiCurio, leverages massive quantities of historical and current loan, property, and market data from public and private sources – and neural networks— to develop AI algorithms which can accurately project actual cash flows, defaults, and prepayments. It also automates the analysis and prioritization of loss mitigation workout strategies, which is often a tedious, time-consuming, and manual process.

“The introduction of the loanDNA solution to our clients is a timely one,” said Arvin Wijay, CEO at Consolidated Analytics. “The COVID-19 crisis rapidly changed portfolio conditions, leaving buyers and sellers anxious about mortgage prepayment speeds and early payment defaults. As a result, executive decisionmakers are pressed for time and deeply concerned with decision accuracy. loanDNA offers our clients accelerated access to data-driven and actionable portfolio intelligence that might otherwise take weeks to render.”

The loanDNA product is available as an individual analytics tool; however, its optimal use is as a paired solution with the company’s existing due diligence, servicing surveillance, loss mitigation, and default solutions.

“We believe that by pairing loanDNA with expert human capital and exceptional service, we can help the industry move beyond ‘AI as a concept’,” said Wijay. “In taking this approach, we can enable the practical application of artificial intelligence in the mortgage space… not through force but as an enabler and a best-friend to your analysts and number crunchers.”

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About loanDNA, powered by AiCurio

loanDNA leverages AiCurio’s deep learning, artificial neural net model which relies on the continuous aggregation of high quality, scrubbed data including over 104 million loan records from the past 22 years and greater than 6 billion payment records, in addition to volumes of economic, housing, and market data.

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